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you can't text message break-up

Now,not wanting to change it but having to change it? That takes everything you've got."- John Mayer

I have always hated text messaging, as I much prefer the swift phone call, but I went along with the times and joined the texting train. There is so much about texting that has always irritated me, you send a message and then you wait for the response, when you could have just called and said whatever it is that needs to be said. However, in today's world people seem to be losing the spoken word. I get it sometimes you can't talk because you are in a meeting, at work or around other people whatever the case maybe, but I think there should be some times that you can't text. Conversations that are too delicate and too important to have though text messages. Imagine a text message proposal, no one accepts that so why should it be acceptable for people avoid conversations by texting them. There are issues with how someone can receive a message and it reads like its not meant to and you end up with people putting words in your mouth and things get out of hand. That's why Carrie went crazy over being broken up with on a post it note, I say post it note, text message, Dear John letters, emails or whatever shouldn't be used, its not right, it demeans the relationship, it says you are not even worth a phone call or even an in person conversation.

So this is a pledge I am making to myself. I will no longer be using text message as means of communication. I will call, maybe leave a message and that's that. One good thing is I can now stop giving AT&T $10 per month for unlimited texting because I won't be needing it. I can actually even use that ten bucks to treat myself to some marathons at the $1.50 movie theatre. When a door closes, a window opens and all that jazz.

dream big or go home- NaNoWrimo

At the last minute, I have decided that I am going to participate in this year's National Novel Writing Month, in which I have to write 50, 000 words of a novel or have a completed novel by then. It was an impulse decision, which seems to be how I do this anyway and it feels right that I at least attempt it. I feel like in my Master's degree so far I have written more than than so I should be able to write 50,000 words of whatever I want and hopefully without using the words International Relations once. At this moment I got nothing. No plot, no characters, I son't even have a clue as to what kind of novel I am going to attempt to write while I know it won't be science fiction, a mystery or suspense, I got noting. When I first decided I joked about my name coming after #1 New York Bestselling author, dream big or go home I say. I am interested in were this ridiculous attempt/adventure will take me, I am prepared to fail completely and utterly but I am hoping that this will become something I can be proud of myself for. It will certainly give me something to do and occupy my time and allow myself to see what I am capable of. This is also crazy because I have my school work to contend with so basically I am insane.

I currently have less than 500 words of what I don't know so thank got its no plot no problem, otherwise I would be in big trouble. There a NaNoWriMo kick off thing happening tonight so I am think about heading over there maybe I will be shamed into actually coming up with some that can possibly reach 50000 words by the end of November. I have a feeling that for me November will be learning month, more so than usual, but as they say , everyday is a school day

me three

3 jobs I have had:

1. Desk Receptionist in the college dorms
2. Office Assistant (speaks for itself)
3. Public Relations Director for Student Media (My fanciest job title to date)

3 places I have lived:

1. Harare, Zimbabwe
2. Wilmington, NC
3. Raleigh, NC

3 fave drinks:

1. Coffee
2. Cherry Coke
3. Lady Gray Tea

3 TV shows I watch:

1. Bones
2. CougarTown
3. Glee

3 places I have been:

1. NYC
2. LA
3. Austin, Texas

3 places I would like to visit:

1. Prague
2. Ireland
3. UK

3 fave retro TV shows:

1. Friends
2. Will and Grace
3. Boy meets World

3 fave dishes:

1. eggs any way, except over easy ( you mean over gross me out)
2.beans on toast
3. popcorn- not a dish but my love for popcorn in strong

3 things I am looking forward to:

1. Living in London
2. Finishing my Masters by the end of the year
3. Getting a job

Three makeup Products I Can't Live Without:

1. Eyeliner
2. Eyeliner
3. Moisturizer

Three Superpowers I Wish I Had:

1. Flying
2.Mind reading/ tell the future
3. Healing

Three Songs Currently on Rotation

1. When did your heart your heart go missing by Rooney
2. Precious Love by James Morrison
3. Carry On by Martha Wash

Join the Fun. Everyone


Carry On.

 This song is fierce. 

Oh Rupaul's Drag Race, this is what you brought into my life. ha ha 


Dangerous you say...


While it might not look it, based on my lack of new posts. Its been a busy February. I managed to go to the most violent city in the world (Juarez, Mexico) without even a clue that's what I was getting myself into, thank God, I lived to tell the tale. It didn't look dangerous, it had a lot of character and a lot of history as well. It starts like this, I went to L.A to help Rebecca move back east, and that included yet another coast to coast roadtrip, the first one was almost two years ago helping her move to L.A. I hate sitting in a car for a long time, actually I hate actual travel, weather by plane, train, car, boat whatever, I don't like it one bit, but the world traveler in me takes it because the destination is always worth it. So with an obnoxious thousands of miles to drive we hit the road on a Monday. Driving from Los Angeles, California to El Paso, Texas. this is were we decided to go to Mexico , the opportunity was there so we went. It never crossed our minds to check to see exactly were we were going. It was only after we are in Mexico and we see men with guns and such patroling that we thought well, this might be unsafe. So in all my wisdom we got a taxi tour of the city and were out of there in under an hour . So what can be learned from this. Always google your destination


33.36 let's start there

So because of my hiatus, I am a little bit behind, or something like that, but I have managed to get a couple of this checked off.

While in Zimbabwe I got 33. Get second ear piercing. I winced and cried like a little girl...actually the lady said none of the little girls all day had cried and this was all before she even put the piercing gun close to my ear.Once the horrendous experience ( a whole minute of a slight pinch) was over. I felt quite ridiculous for the dramatic and tearful experience I provided the jewelery store employees but its all in a days work.

36. Try 10 new restaurants.

Mom and I went to this place on Monday and I a good time. Its one of those big screens on every wall, playing every imaginable sport known to man. The food was okay, nothing mind blowing as to be expected in a place that specializes in a tower of beer. ha ha.

So it seems I am making slow but steady progress.


the journey home

I have been truly blessed. I have wonderful friends (you know you who are, or at least I hope I have told you). Those can say they know me and there aren't that many of them, would completely agree and say that I don't always see the silver lining and I am more pessimistic than most. However in the recent weeks, even I can see all that I have been blessed with and truly be thankful. As I am writing this, I am sitting on a flight back home. In the sense that is home if where the heart is, then mine is split between the place of my birth, my heritage, where I will always belong and the place I grew up and became who I am today. I am journeying back home, yet I am leaving home behind. I have been at plenty of crossroads before and I am at one now. I am excited yet wary. Who I was when I left is no longer who I am now. Those places that I once knew so well are they going to feel foreign? Am I a torist or am I going back home and it would be like riding a bike( which took me three years to learn how to ride by the way)?

Either I want it or not is going to be a time to reflect. I have been feeling a little lost maybe this trip home will help me find my way. I have joked about going and not coming back, but who knows really, a lot can happen in two months. There are plenty of things I am going to miss, here is a list:

Thursdays with Lanira, no one can watch movies like we do, Angsty phone calls from Becks about whatever boy is the flavour of the week., Bella's crazy drama, she truly belongs in France drinking cafe in a Cafe, Crazy weekends with my boys from Wilmington and my GC loves who also provide the best entertainment, random but very welcome calls from great friends just calling to catch up because we haven't spoken to in ages but it feels like we have just seen each other yesterday and the emails exchanged over which wedding photographer to pick, Skype Video chat just because we can, the spur of the moment trip because someone doesn't want to drive alone, attempts to hang out with those two I have known forever( I say attempt because its a blue moon we actually manage it ;) conversations about just how lost and conflicted were are, Starbucks Venti Vanilla Lattes, Bones, House, Glee, Cougar Town, and every other show I watch on T.V and many things I am sure I am forgetting. I am also going to gain a lot, I will spend time with my family face to face and it will be awesome.

I am gonna stop now before I actually cry while I write this.

#60 flexing the creative muscles

I write occasionally. Sometimes I am really proud of what I accomplish, others I am glad I am the only person that has seen the nonsense that finds itself on a page without my knowledge. Part of the 101 challenge is to write a poem a month, now whether the poem will be good; well that's up to opinion and I always take those with a grain of salt or simply ignore them if I so choose. I do welcome constructive criticism- this means you have something to add thats relevent and will help instead of just say I don't like it. So for the first in a series of 33, wow maybe I can publish a book after this ha. I present a little poem, thats been edited so many times I barely recognize ( apparently a writer never truly finished the editing process) but I somehow like it.


a moment in time given

to the pain that coils about my body

like the comfort that made me cry

when you touched me like a family heirloom

Passed down

Precious and priceless

used and useless

I felt like I was

anywhere but my own skin.

the laugh lines around my eyes

become the only souvenirs of

our time together.

I find myself grasping for memories

that were once as vivid

as this moment.

your scent clings to me

becoming the essence of

another version of myself

altered by moments infused by your laughter

deceived by words that wrapped around me

comfortable, toxic

I don't know why I wrote it, but its out there now.

busy as a bee

It's been a week since I put up and committed to my list of a 101 things I want to accomplish in 2 .75 years and I've got to say, I am off to a bad start. I have yet to attempt even a single thing on the list. I don't even have a better excuse than life happens. In the past week, I have gotten into a fender bender, my first in my driving career. I was more pissed of than anything that it happened. I wasn't even on my phone or anything. It was one of those things that blindside you when you have plans and a million things to accomplish and no room in your budget to accommodate such things. The only thing is that i could have been much worse than it was but at the same I keep thinking it didn't need to happen at all. After the excitement of the minor traffic accident, I went with friend to Washington D.C for four days. It was fun, I love DC and am making moves to make it my new address. Being the dork that I am.,I salivated and spent an obscene amount of time at the Library of Congress. The place is awesome . The picture below, is one of the many things I love about the Library of Congress. Its of the Goddess Athena or Minerva.

Not only was it fun, but I think I got some serious work out. We walked the national mall from Capitol Hill, all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. I finally got to see all of that stuff so it was cool. Now I wish I had put some of the things I did this past weekend on my list, a lot of things would be getting crossed off. I plan on going back, there is still much to see in the federal city.

I am hoping that things will settle down this week and I can sort of get back in the groove of things but I know its only wishful thinking, I have to start packing for my trip to Zimbabwe. I am excited, overwhelmed, scared, and just downright insane. I think its weird that I am finally going back. I know I am going to feel like an outsider in a place I still consider home. I've changed and Zimbabwe has definitely changed, so hopefully it will be a nice to reacquaint


I want to be free

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure , the process is its own reward. - Amelia Earhart

These days I am a fan of doing anything to break the monotomy of everyday life, so when I got the opprtunity of watching a movie( love it) for free(even better) I found myself agreeing before I even heard what movie it was, it turns out they were tickets to watch Amelia my excitement dropped a little. I love going to the movies, there is something about that big screen and the surround sound that just helps you get sucked into the story and for the popcorn, I am pretty sure is not a movie going experience without popcorn. I was't excited about watching Amelia because (excuse the critic for a minute) I didn't think that Hilary Swank could convince me that she was this larger than life woman who changed history. I walked in ready to hate everything about it, I was prepared to criticize at every chance. What I didn't except though was connecting so utterly with Amelia's life so much. The one thing she repeatedly said was that she just wanted to be free, free to see and experience the world.Through her passion, she was able to change the lives of many who only dreamed but never dared to try. When I walked into the movie, exactly how it was going to end and I was okay it that, when I walked out, I was planning a full blown search in my mind, she was probably just stuck on a cloud or something.

On the drive home, "I want to be free" sort of became a mantra in my head. It kept repeating itself over and over again, pushing to be forefront of every word I wanted to say. "I want to be free", it's a simple enough concept that everyone dreams of but the execution of the concept is the difficult journey. For me that is the journey of life.